Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic appliances are used to correct the position of the teeth. This treatment is desirable not only to improve the appearance of the teeth, but also to ensure the health of the teeth and gums. The usual outcome is one of considerable improvement on the original situation.

It may be necessary for certain teeth to be extracted as part of the treatment. This is usually because the jaws are not large enough for all the teeth and so there is crowding.

Treatment will probably involve wearing an orthodontic appliance (brace) in the mouth, some are removable, others are fixed. It is important to carry out all instructions concerning cleaning of the teeth and gums and to wear appliances as instructed at all times.

The type of appliance used, whether fixed or removable, depends on the particular problem. It is seldom an either/or choice.

Sometimes, especially when a “functional” appliance is used, a combination may be necessary.

The time taken for orthodontic treatment is variable, often taking between one and three years. During this time you will be required to attend regularly, which will probably mean taking time off school or work.

Treatment is always a partnership between patient and dentist. The success of treatment depends on enthusiastic co-operation from the patient and support from the family. Without this, treatment will fail or take much longer. It is often tough and certainly requires perseverance and sometimes sacrifices, but the results are usually worthwhile and the benefits lifelong.

You will still need to see your own dentist for regular inspections throughout your orthodontic treatment. It is important to maintain excellent standards of oral hygiene. Clean teeth and healthy gums are essential. The appliances will not cause decay, but failure to keep them clean will, so extra care and time is needed. Fluoride mouthwashes used daily before bedtimes are a useful addition to your normal cleaning regime. Special brushes and mouth rinses can be purchased from our reception desk.

Price List

Orthodontic consultation £146.00
Simple fixed orthodontic appliance £1355.00
Fixed bracket orthodontic appliance (upper or lower) £1863.00
Fixed bracket orthodontic appliance (upper and lower) £3494.00
Fixed bonded retainer £222.00
Removable retainer £118.00
Removable spring/screw functional appliance £948.00
Replaced fixed appliance £326.00
Replacement of functional appliance £279.00
Replaced orthodontic appliance £216.00
Repair of removable appliance £118.00
Additional supervision for one year £222.00