Cosmetic dentistry

As well as concentrating on the health of your teeth, there are now procedures concerned with the aesthetics, or appearance, of your teeth. Cosmetic dentistry can be used to straighten, lighten, reshape and repair teeth. As well as the two procedures below, crowns and composite fillings can also come under the heading of ‘cosmetic dentistry’.

Tooth whitening

The most common tooth whitening method is home whitening. A tray is custom-made to fit the teeth and safely hold a gel against the teeth to be whitened.


A veneer is a thin slice of porcelain, or a tooth-coloured composite, made to fit precisely over the front surface of a tooth, much like a false fingernail on a nail. Veneers are an ideal way to instantly alter the appearance of your teeth, hiding discolouration, closing small gaps and repairing chips and cracks.

Your dentist will take an impression of the tooth and a dental technician will create your porcelain veneer in the laboratory. If you opt for a composite veneer, it can usually be fitted in one visit using the same material used for tooth-coloured fillings. Composite veneers are more prone to discolouration over time, however replacements are easily made.

Treatment of Snoring and Sleep Disordered Breathing

We can help many people by providing suitable mouth appliances that alleviate these conditions.

Dental Splints

These can be used to help many people who suffer from joint pain and headaches caused by clenching and grinding their teeth (Bruxism)